I Am Here

GENRE: Short Film


The last living being of the cosmos journeys across time and space in search of the origin of it all. Intertwined into the visuals are snippets of every civilization that has ever existed, their collective goal hardened into our hero's journey. Glitchy, unclear, scattered thoughts attempt to piece together the reality he occupies.

Eoin Duffy
Writer / Director

Nicholas Campbell
Voice Over

Eoin Duffy
Henrique Barone

John Black
Sound Design


Fred Ewanuick
Additional Voices

Rosamond Nobury
Stills Photography

Karla Baumgardner

Geoffrey Mitchell
Foley Recording

Jean Paul Vialard
Re-Recording Mixer

Denis Pilon
Online Editor

Eloi Champagne
Technical Director

Steve Hallé
Technical Coordinator

Wes Machnikowski
Technical Edit Coordinator

Kathleen Jayme
Production Coordinator

Carla Jones
Rosalina Di Sario
Victoire-Émilie Bessette
Studio Administrators

Geneviève Bérard
Marketing Manager

Jennifer Roworth
Production Supervisor

Shirley Vercruysse
Maral Mohammadian

Shirley Vercruysse
Michael Fukushima
Executive Producers