Einstein 100

GENRE: Educational Film

CLIENT: Science and Technology
Facilities Council

AGENCY: Windfall Films

A short film celebrating the centennial of Einstein's theory of General Relativity, a theory that says that the observed gravitational effect between masses results from their warping of spacetime. Although heavy in subject matter the film took a playful approach. The content of the voice-over is more or less straightforward, while the visuals purposefully misinterpret the language for comical effect.

David Tennant

We welcomed David Tenant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, Harry Potter) onto the team as the film’s voice artist. David delivered as hoped – a phenomenal comically charged yet oddly informative performance.

Jamie Lochhead
Writer / Producer

Eoin Duffy

David Tennant

Wesley Slover
Sound Design

Anaïs Rassat
Science Outreach / Communication

Windfall Films
Production Company

The Science & Technology Facilities Council